Cassandra Gemini (mrs_leroy_brown) wrote in hatesfun,
Cassandra Gemini

Cold Mountain

I just watched this film. It very much qualifies for hatesfun! Okay, it has Nicole Kidman, and Renee Zellweger, but Nicole isn't annoying and Renee was really good! And Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a Very Bad Minister. Even Jude 'I live in Primrose Hill and bang my kid's nanny' Law and his stupid face arent' bad, because his stupid face is covered with beard for most of the film and he has a southern accent instead of his stupid regular Jude 'I push a 3-wheel baby buggy in case I need to go off-roading with my infant' Law voice.

And Jack White has a little role and he's very good and there is Jack White singing and good lovely fiddly bluegrass musics. And the executive music producer was T-Bone Burnett.

It is about the civil war and there are lots of really harrowing and horrible scenes and blood and death and guts and misery. It's great! The first half hour kind of drags a bit though.

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