Nu Rave = POO (marnameow) wrote in hatesfun,
Nu Rave = POO

LFF - more plotting. Plus some bonus stuff.

OK - this is our shortlist, with times and dates. Bec, Juliet - shall I try to get you tickets to Persepolis?

Kat - sorry! - neither if the ones you liked made it through!

ION, Peter Bradshaw says we should all see this.

I have sent all of you folks who count as watching this a member invite thing, because I keep forgetting to make posts public and you can't see them otherwise.

Things we will try to get tickets for tomorrow

18th | 18:30 | Odeon - Glory to the Filmmaker!
22nd | 20.30 | NFT - Redemption
23rd | 21.00 | NFT - Catching the Big Fish
28th | 21.00 | NFT - The Anagogic Chamber (shorts)
29th | 21.00 | Odeon - Persepolis
(and if that's full)
29th | 20.30 | Odeon - The Savages
30th | 18:00 | NFT - Empties
01th | 18:00 | NFT - Wolfsbergen

Other things we are considering

Milky Way
Over Land And Sea
Everybody's Business & The Woman's Portion
Mondo Mayhem
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