Nu Rave = POO (marnameow) wrote in hatesfun,
Nu Rave = POO

HatesFun Fillum Club Meeting

HatesFun Fillum Club will meet at my haus at 19:00 o' clock.

We have not decided on a film, other than Not A Lynch One. So Lynch-haters may attend. Film decision is deferred until later. (Although Cronenberg was mentioned as a possibility last night.)

Film suggestions welcome.

I'll make vegan sossidgge rools and experimental vegan sossidge not-rolls and roast potatoes.

Anything else?

(The sunshine has filled me with JOY!)
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coal miner's daughter?
Isn't that for the HatesFun Muzak Club, though?
HatesFun MUZAK theme! Yay!
Yeah, but it's a bit depressing isn't it... ;)
Did you get my text about this? ;) ALAS I am now going to be on the RADIO on Sunda which means that I have to attend RADIO PLANNING tonight and err save me a sausage roll?

(Can you add Almodovar to the list of hatesfun directors even tho he LOVES fun?)
I got yr text but I was fledding out the door at the time of noticing it. I say: NO!

We can do an Almodovar evening soon!
Can you do Almodovar while I'm away? I be hating all over Almodovar. I have a good film I think all will like that I shall bring tonight :) (Well, I'll bring a few as usual.)
What is yr good fillum wot all will like? I am CURIOUS!
Well, it's conceivable that not everyone will like this, but I contend it's funny, brutally cynical and foreign... I have other more overtly miserabilist films, too.
hmm I may not actually film-watch but if you tell me when food is happening I'll come over for an snack & to say hello :-)
OK! I can text you when food's nearly done. Or would a specific time be better?
Text me when you know when it's likely to be done (so I guess when you're putting the potatoes on?) & then when it's about done - would that be OK?
That'd be fine! I'll try to time the nibbles for in between films.
actually I think I will sit this out, as I have Food That Needs Eating Up also *really* want to watch Coal Miner's Daughter tonight :) Another time!
As long as we can watch it again on the proposed music theme-night!
It's a Lovefilm rental, so we'd have to rent it again. Or depending on finance, I might buy it :)
Oh no, my flatmate owns a copy (y'all can get it cheap at places like fopp, innit). It's one of her favourite films. I don't know why, because she is also a hate-fun sceptic. But then she also loves Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, which is just k-confusing to me, cos that is such a nasty film I couldn't get through it all. Anyway, beside the point, eh?

muzak indeed!
baby jane is awesome but i must confess i find the ending a total cop out!