Nu Rave = POO (marnameow) wrote in hatesfun,
Nu Rave = POO

HatesFun has had a holiday, seemingly

And I declare it to be Now Back Again.

Update: Next HatesFun Fillum Night is nect Tuesday. We will be watching Czech surrealist nonsense.

We should do a watching things thing. My house = fine for this. (The dying cat is still doing a very good impression of a perfectly healthy cat, and I don't think small gatherings will bother her overmuch anyway. She has All Lapsitting Rights, however.) I will make FUD.


I have newly purchased Little Otik on the Young Person's DVD. It could be twinned with some of the Compleat Švankmajer short fillums. (There are two copies of that in Bermondsey alone.)

Lynch-tastic speshul - we have Lost Highway and The Straight Story, but workmate Aanand says that Inland Empire is also out on DVD. (Not all three at once, mind.)

I have Manderlay and Dogville wanting watching, also. Purchased for cheap in Original Fopp.

Other suggestions welcome.
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